Chill Winston

As I somewhat alluded to in the introduction, while this blog is largely going to focus on makeup and fashion…and other girly things, once in a while I will add in a little entry on food. Not much, just a (filler…I’m desperately trying to squeeze photo shoots of recently bought items…but life is getting in the way) little blurb here or there to document places I found rather pleasing. This is such a blurb.

Chill Winston

Price Range: Main courses, drinks and dessert (including tax and tips) came to just under $90.

Atmosphere: Quiet, big hole-in-the-wall restaurant in Gastown, bricked walls, soft dark furniture, subtle lighting.

Food was pretty darn tootin’ awesome, and in fantastic portions, unlike some fine dining establishments where one goes straight from it to the nearest Korean place for some filling Bibimbap. #Werolledhome

We tried Kangaroo meat and it came baked in a flakey pastry with some fried yam cubes (dbf’s choice)

Imagewhile I sampled their Jambalaya, with clams, sausage, prawns and deep-fried wings


His (Juda’s Kiss, yellow) and Hers (Spooning Jesus, pink) Cocktails


And we topped it off with a White Chocolate Mousse Cake, with Passionfruit MacaroonsImage

All in all, a really lovely place for a quiet, easy date night.

Here’s hoping this post finds all of you loved and fed. ❤


Bugis Street Haul Version 2.0

Well, back in December, over the Christmas hols, I ended up heading to Singapore again. Like I said, second to shopping and shopping alone, I love running off to sunny little islands once winter sets in.

And of course, I went back to Bugis 😀 #superaddicted

It was better this time around, considering I remembered my way around Bugis Street having mapped it out the last time, somewhat. At least this time around it wasn’t as frustrating and I didn’t get lost AND I was about to backtrack and locate stores. #unlockedachievement

Alright, onto the photo spree


And price sheet: #can’tbelieveit

Hairbands – 3 for $8

Earring + 2 chain headbands – $4 USD, Socklet – 3 for $4 USD

Envelope Clutches – 1 for $8, 2 for $12 USD (remember how I said that buying multiples made everything cheaper? :D)

Floral Shorts – $4USD

Grey half-cardigan – $4 USD

Yellow dress with crochet collar – $4 USD

White dress (w/ detatchable jewelled necklace) – $8 USD

Peach/baby pink peplum dress – $10 USD

All in all, very decent day(s) worth of happy shopping, I believe that in total…I spent less than $60 USD #isuckatmath, exchange rates not-withstanding (cause I rounded up quite often). Will come up with a list of stores if people need them. Or else I’ll start taking photos of the shops I frequent when I next visit. This is rapidly becoming my favorite place to shop at and wander through for fashion inspiration. #Loveit ❤

Until my next spree, stay loved, be blessed and nom lots 😀

(Great, just thinking of food has made me hungry T.T)

Bugis Street Haul Version 1.0

Dropped by Singapore in November because…well really why not? Good food…plenty of shopping places to wander through…and escaping to lovely tropical climates where it’s both hot and sunny is the best thing in the world to do just as winter sets in… #Imigratetoo

Now, this was the trip I discovered the wonder that is Bugis Street, heard about it from friends who heard about it from friends who heard about it from local, Singaporean fashion bloggers…this was the trip where I became a lot more spendthrift (read :cheap lil’ miser bimbo) than I already was before…and here’s why :3

Here come the proofs of a spree…photos.


Price Sheet: (Remember I only always only ever buy bargains #humblebrag? )

Accessories first – 3 sets of earrings for $4ish USD, Ring for 80 cents USD, Crochet Collar with beads for $8ish USD

Faux Leather bag for $9ish USD

Dark Caramel blouse with sequinned collar for $4USD

White and black blouse for $6.50 USD, Yellow peter pan collar blouse for (I’m gonna say) $6.50 USD #lousymemory 😦

2 collared long-sleeved shirts for $16ish USD

Mint green dress for $9.80 USD #omgcanyousayLOVE?!

What I Loved:

A lot of the 800 stores sold women’s clothes, literally 600 at least by my count. Many of the stores sold similar items, meaning if you see something you absolutely adore, get the price, remember the store (better yet, memorize where its located, which at this point was a ridiculously futile effort), wander to the next store and repeat the steps. Compare, bargain, buy!~ ❤ That’s how I landed the mint dress for half the price everyone else was selling it at, I returned over 2 days and managed to snag the last piece in a store, in the color I wanted for 50% of the price because well, it was the last piece. #cheapbimbo

Obviously I’m a mad fan of the prices there :3

What I Disliked:

How horribly sweaty and congested the first storey was. URGH, imagine hundreds of sweaty, sticky people pressed up against you, it’s like being at a club except everyone’s moving in one direction (most of the time). Friggin’ giant congo-line -_-

What I Hated:

Getting hopelessly turned around and wandering the ground floor and the 2nd floor frustrated cause I couldn’t find a store I wanted or a way to get up/down/wherever.

Ok, time to pay attention to another love…CRIMINAL LAW CLASS

Shop lots, eat well, stay loved



Here’s a quick linky to a free lens giveaway held by wabbit-bunny and Uniqso…do join 🙂 I’ve always wanted to try lenses but I have yet to convince anyone around me that i need them SO, i do hope i win this…but in any case, join the contest…

afterall sharing is caring :3



Bugis Street Intro.

A.K.A My little shopping haven

Located near where the original cobble-stoned Bugis Street (with its transgendered women) used to be, the current Bugis Street is literally the go-to shopping district for teens and people in their early to even late 20s. However, the clothing variety there is so huge that my mum, who has followed me there a couple of times, ended up buying quite a few things for herself. #youngatheart

The current Bugis Street is now touted as the largest shopping mall in Singapore, housing about 800 different stores. Given the massive number of shops, the clothing ranges from flowery/flowy bohemian maxi dresses to hot mini short-shorts to dresses that can take you to work and out to the clubs and bars. #whatevertheheartdesires

Incredibly bustling as soon as schools end on the weekdays and the entire day on weekends, this place reminded me of Namdae Mun market in Seoul. Like other such markets in Asia, Bugis street is very much up to date on fashion trends. My last trip there in December saw displays of peplum dresses and tops and skirts, as well as leather skirts and shorts and Aztec print sweaters, this is really the go-to place for any wannabe-trendsetter in Singapore.

Now, that’s all well and good….fine and dandy and all that. But what makes a cheap little shopaholic (like me :3) love it so much? Simple.

The prices.

Where else can a shopaholic get so much bang for her buck? Excuse the double entendre, I mean it in the pure and simplest form. #secretlydirtyminded

Where oh where, can a shopaholic get dresses for $5-15 USD, Blouses for $5-10 and skirts for $10-$15? AND THE SHOES….and accessories that you can find at less than a dollar.

It gets even better.

YOU CAN BUNDLE ITEMS UP FOR A BETTER DEAL. Literally, the more you buy, the cheaper each piece gets.


If there’s anything this shopaholic loves more than a sale, it’s bargaining. 


Up next: Hauls from Bugis Street.


Live well, love much, stay blessed.


How I Fly…

Spending 24 hours stuck in a tin-can or parked in a terminal full of other “not-so-sweet-smelling”, grumpy travelers has never ever been anyone’s idea of fun. And don’t even get me started on how much I hate/loathe/detest/would kill someone if I ever have to pass through an American airport again.

Lineups thrice as long as other airports, semi/automatic rifle-armed guards (I dislike guns, NO…PEOPLE ALONE DON’T KILL PEOPLE, PEOPLE WITH GUNS KILL PEOPLE, unless you’re a certain British MI-6 spy…then everything you touch kills people #OMGILOVEQ ❤ ❤ <3), and body pat-downs just because they feel like it, and loud/rude/grumpy/surly/power-went-to-their-head TSA and border control agents. Eh, I could keep going… No, I don't hate Americans, I hate their airports. LAX you hold a special place in that top "I don't ever wanna pass through here again" spot.

ANYWAY, I digress, I get to go through this routine: 4 trips a year x there and back….about 8 times a year. Not counting little short-haul shopping trips in Asia.

Now, a year and a bit ago, when I was a tad younger and a lot more "image-conscious (vain bimbo phase), I’d travel around in dresses and tights tucked into high-heeled boots or the ever-there-for-me black pumps. Perfumed. And all made up. And regularly applying more powdered foundation and eyeliner and lipstick once I’m happily seated up in Business, usually while sipping on bubbly (love the perks, #Notanalcoholic). Particularly whenever I fly by SIA, the lotions they provide for the upper-tier classes are TDF. #USEALLTHELOCCITANE 🙂

My trips to the bathroom would take up to 15 mins at a time, applying hand lotions, face lotions, spritzing on some facial mist, thn applying makeup before trotting back to my seat.

I can officially say, I have given up on those days.

2012 onwards has seen me dressing in more…PRACTICAL…flying outfits. No more makeup. No more heels…still with the tights and short skirts and dresses and perfume. Gotta look presentable (and smell good), after all stewards are quite cute.

Most probably gay. Or attached. Or gay and attached. But quite cute.

PS. Best part about flying by business or first? AIRPORT LOUNGES. Also always useful to have VIP credit cards. Free, free-flowing food. And in some airports (not the Asian ones, they're so damn stingy) ALL YOU CAN DRINK <3.

#Stillnotanalcoholic. (No, really.)

PPS. The amt of consumerism seen in Asian airports is astounding. Seriously. Gucci, Prada, Chanel, Hermes, Louis Vuitton, BV etc boutiques. All chocked full with Asians. #IAMAMONGMYOWN

PPPS. I hate how stewards call me mdm. I'm not their mother's friend, I'm younger than all of them (the flight crew). Miss is fine. Mdm is my mother.

I need sleep, 5 hrs of it in the last 48 hrs is not enough.


Stay loved.

Not so annoymous

Who am I?


Now, a great deal of people will start philosophizing at this question, waxing lyrical about their accomplishments, their hopes, their dreams, their entire life’s story in as few choice words as possible. So I suppose, I still have to do the same.


My name is Shopaholic, that’s also my career of choice, my hobby, my past-time and one of the true joys of my life. I am a relatively tall, slightly flat, absolutely skinny twig of a person who can spend hours picking out things to buy at any mall in the world. And DAYS picking out far too many items online. Yes, my credit card bills shock and awe me. My personal philosophy is that everyone, girls and guys alike should learn the joys of what i call “budget” shopping. Learn that it’s not how much you pay for something but how much you can buy that really matters.


This blog was created with the sole purpose of documenting every moment of my frivolous, fabulous shopping life. And perhaps, a couple of stories on my world travels, since really. ALL my trips involve shopping. Interrupted by some makeup and beauty posts. And punctuated with food. Yes, this lil’ shopaholic loves food.


Can’t wait to get started…and till the next post…


Be greatly favoured, highly blessed, deeply loved…and shop lots ❤