Not so annoymous

Who am I?


Now, a great deal of people will start philosophizing at this question, waxing lyrical about their accomplishments, their hopes, their dreams, their entire life’s story in as few choice words as possible. So I suppose, I still have to do the same.


My name is Shopaholic, that’s also my career of choice, my hobby, my past-time and one of the true joys of my life. I am a relatively tall, slightly flat, absolutely skinny twig of a person who can spend hours picking out things to buy at any mall in the world. And DAYS picking out far too many items online. Yes, my credit card bills shock and awe me. My personal philosophy is that everyone, girls and guys alike should learn the joys of what i call “budget” shopping. Learn that it’s not how much you pay for something but how much you can buy that really matters.


This blog was created with the sole purpose of documenting every moment of my frivolous, fabulous shopping life. And perhaps, a couple of stories on my world travels, since really. ALL my trips involve shopping. Interrupted by some makeup and beauty posts. And punctuated with food. Yes, this lil’ shopaholic loves food.


Can’t wait to get started…and till the next post…


Be greatly favoured, highly blessed, deeply loved…and shop lots ❤




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