Bugis Street Intro.

A.K.A My little shopping haven

Located near where the original cobble-stoned Bugis Street (with its transgendered women) used to be, the current Bugis Street is literally the go-to shopping district for teens and people in their early to even late 20s. However, the clothing variety there is so huge that my mum, who has followed me there a couple of times, ended up buying quite a few things for herself. #youngatheart

The current Bugis Street is now touted as the largest shopping mall in Singapore, housing about 800 different stores. Given the massive number of shops, the clothing ranges from flowery/flowy bohemian maxi dresses to hot mini short-shorts to dresses that can take you to work and out to the clubs and bars. #whatevertheheartdesires

Incredibly bustling as soon as schools end on the weekdays and the entire day on weekends, this place reminded me of Namdae Mun market in Seoul. Like other such markets in Asia, Bugis street is very much up to date on fashion trends. My last trip there in December saw displays of peplum dresses and tops and skirts, as well as leather skirts and shorts and Aztec print sweaters, this is really the go-to place for any wannabe-trendsetter in Singapore.

Now, that’s all well and good….fine and dandy and all that. But what makes a cheap little shopaholic (like me :3) love it so much? Simple.

The prices.

Where else can a shopaholic get so much bang for her buck? Excuse the double entendre, I mean it in the pure and simplest form. #secretlydirtyminded

Where oh where, can a shopaholic get dresses for $5-15 USD, Blouses for $5-10 and skirts for $10-$15? AND THE SHOES….and accessories that you can find at less than a dollar.

It gets even better.

YOU CAN BUNDLE ITEMS UP FOR A BETTER DEAL. Literally, the more you buy, the cheaper each piece gets.


If there’s anything this shopaholic loves more than a sale, it’s bargaining. 


Up next: Hauls from Bugis Street.


Live well, love much, stay blessed.



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