Bugis Street Haul Version 1.0

Dropped by Singapore in November because…well really why not? Good food…plenty of shopping places to wander through…and escaping to lovely tropical climates where it’s both hot and sunny is the best thing in the world to do just as winter sets in… #Imigratetoo

Now, this was the trip I discovered the wonder that is Bugis Street, heard about it from friends who heard about it from friends who heard about it from local, Singaporean fashion bloggers…this was the trip where I became a lot more spendthrift (read :cheap lil’ miser bimbo) than I already was before…and here’s why :3

Here come the proofs of a spree…photos.


Price Sheet: (Remember I only always only ever buy bargains #humblebrag? )

Accessories first – 3 sets of earrings for $4ish USD, Ring for 80 cents USD, Crochet Collar with beads for $8ish USD

Faux Leather bag for $9ish USD

Dark Caramel blouse with sequinned collar for $4USD

White and black blouse for $6.50 USD, Yellow peter pan collar blouse for (I’m gonna say) $6.50 USD #lousymemory 😦

2 collared long-sleeved shirts for $16ish USD

Mint green dress for $9.80 USD #omgcanyousayLOVE?!

What I Loved:

A lot of the 800 stores sold women’s clothes, literally 600 at least by my count. Many of the stores sold similar items, meaning if you see something you absolutely adore, get the price, remember the store (better yet, memorize where its located, which at this point was a ridiculously futile effort), wander to the next store and repeat the steps. Compare, bargain, buy!~ ❤ That’s how I landed the mint dress for half the price everyone else was selling it at, I returned over 2 days and managed to snag the last piece in a store, in the color I wanted for 50% of the price because well, it was the last piece. #cheapbimbo

Obviously I’m a mad fan of the prices there :3

What I Disliked:

How horribly sweaty and congested the first storey was. URGH, imagine hundreds of sweaty, sticky people pressed up against you, it’s like being at a club except everyone’s moving in one direction (most of the time). Friggin’ giant congo-line -_-

What I Hated:

Getting hopelessly turned around and wandering the ground floor and the 2nd floor frustrated cause I couldn’t find a store I wanted or a way to get up/down/wherever.

Ok, time to pay attention to another love…CRIMINAL LAW CLASS

Shop lots, eat well, stay loved


2 thoughts on “Bugis Street Haul Version 1.0

  1. Hey, found your blog via soompi 😀 I just started a blog too with my sister so thought I’d show my support! I recently went to Singapore too but I found bugis markets so overwhelming so I didn’t do much shopping there 😦 bit disappointed…

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