Bugis Street Haul Version 2.0

Well, back in December, over the Christmas hols, I ended up heading to Singapore again. Like I said, second to shopping and shopping alone, I love running off to sunny little islands once winter sets in.

And of course, I went back to Bugis 😀 #superaddicted

It was better this time around, considering I remembered my way around Bugis Street having mapped it out the last time, somewhat. At least this time around it wasn’t as frustrating and I didn’t get lost AND I was about to backtrack and locate stores. #unlockedachievement

Alright, onto the photo spree


And price sheet: #can’tbelieveit

Hairbands – 3 for $8

Earring + 2 chain headbands – $4 USD, Socklet – 3 for $4 USD

Envelope Clutches – 1 for $8, 2 for $12 USD (remember how I said that buying multiples made everything cheaper? :D)

Floral Shorts – $4USD

Grey half-cardigan – $4 USD

Yellow dress with crochet collar – $4 USD

White dress (w/ detatchable jewelled necklace) – $8 USD

Peach/baby pink peplum dress – $10 USD

All in all, very decent day(s) worth of happy shopping, I believe that in total…I spent less than $60 USD #isuckatmath, exchange rates not-withstanding (cause I rounded up quite often). Will come up with a list of stores if people need them. Or else I’ll start taking photos of the shops I frequent when I next visit. This is rapidly becoming my favorite place to shop at and wander through for fashion inspiration. #Loveit ❤

Until my next spree, stay loved, be blessed and nom lots 😀

(Great, just thinking of food has made me hungry T.T)


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