Rainy Day Option

Another OOTD, this one from a few days ago this week tbh…after a week of sunshine, my beautiful city decided to revert to its true self, Raincouver. It was cold, it was fairly miserable and I pulled out all my pairs and pairs of jeans again. But it being Spring/Summer, I didn’t want to pull on the usual dark blue/dark grey/black pairs, so I yanked on this deep fiery red orange pair, looked for some nice earthly tones to pair with it and ran for class…

But because I love all of you, I snapped a quick OOTD photo…(resulting in me missing my transit and being late hmph) #busyfashionholic

Here goes

ImageOutfit Details

Tan Faux Leather Jacket: Zara (USD $49.90)

Cream Sweater: American Eagle ($19.90)

Red-orange Jeans: Urban Behaviour ($19.90)


PS. Note the mint nail polish…I am SO ready for real summer 😦


Until next time, stay love and blessed and fashionable ❤



Ameeerica, Ameeerica

One of my favorite, possibly the 2nd most favorite (the first being food :X), 4 letter words is “SALE” and the USA, land of Bald Eagles, too many fast food chains and airports that I hate is also home to some of the best deals in the world (2nd perhaps only to China #wholesaleparadise) .

So on a weekend trip down to the state of Washington, I picked up a few too many Hollister shirts…Originally I had my eyes on a few A&F pieces, but after leaving them at the counter and wandering over next door to their sister chain, I left them behind, no regrets.

Here’s the Haul from Hollister (and Winners)…


ImageAnd a closeup of the Galaxy Skirt



Total Cost:

Hollister Shirts (Both male and female): $10 USD each

Galaxy Skirt: $15 USD


Up next: some accessories I’ve accumulated over the last mth or so…

Until then, stay happy, blessed and shop lots 



In Full Bloom


Hopefully I’m getting better at this, wore this out today to branch with a friend and will be wearing later to Cognitive Psych class, temperature’s hitting 25 degrees and I cannot say how happy I am that Summer is fiinnnaaaaaaaally here… #sunshine #notacloudinthesky

*happy bounce*

Anyway here goes


Outfit Details

Cardigan: Zara (USD $15)

Floral Tube: Hollister ( USD $10- marked down to $15 for clearance with extra 30% off 😀 )

White Shorts: Old Navy (USD $5)

Sephora Mini Haul

Not much to update here, I’m still trying to find time to photograph a couple of clothing hauls I’ve done from Asia and back here in North America…AND I’m still going shopping, planning on hitting the outlets in Seattle this weekend…Oh the wonderful life of a shopping addict 🙂 #neverending

How am I ever going to catchup with photos? >[

Anyway, I picked up a dark brown Sephora Brows kit along with my birthday BI gift, largely because I realized I should start caring about my brows and because it’s totally embarrassing to go up to the counter and just ask for something free…my social etiquette instructor from eons ago would frown and tsk and wag his finger at me… 

ImageI must say the Benefit birthday Turn-Ons set is amazing, it IS true what they say about the mascara and 1 coat does wonders to my silly asian eyelashes…but the real prize was the other gift in the set Watt’s Up…it’s a champagne coloured glam stick that really works to bright up tired looking faces with just a smidgen of it glided on in the inner corner of the eyes, down the nose bridge and on the cheekbones…just a little bit of it goes a long way, do make sure to blend well. But it works wonders, I’ve never looked this fresh on 3 hrs of sleep ever before…specially since I tried it on during Finals week, where every university student needs all the beauty help they can get. 

This free Birthday Gift gets a massive thumbs up from me, I got to test out a new mascara (that other beauty/fashion gurus have raved about) and I think I just found the perfect summer glow stick 😀

The 2nd little Sephora Haul I picked up included a black/whitehead lancing 3-in-1 kit and the Acqua di Gioia rollerball – I’d decided that instead of lugging around my Chanel eau de toilette and parfums around whenever I travel and worrying constantly if the tossing of my suitcases will smash the bottles and render my clothes Chanel soaked, I’d just buy a 10ml rollerball of something light and crisp and fresh that I’d never get sick of and tote THAT around. #travelingwoes 


TBH, it is no wonder I was almost instantly attracted to this scent, I’ve always loved anything with Citrus, Rose or Jasmine top notes (see Chloe, Chanel, Issey etc.) and Acqua di Gioia has a citrusy top note with Jasmine as its middle note…the ideal combination if you ask me 😛 Fresh and crisp and smells just like Summer…I absolutely adore this.

Speaking of which, the temperature here is a solid 27 degrees and I’m loving it. #welcomebacksummer

Until next time (when I hopefully get my dslr back and can start taking better photos and find time to poke through my stack of shopping), stay happy, loved, blessed and shop lots