Rainy Day Option

Another OOTD, this one from a few days ago this week tbh…after a week of sunshine, my beautiful city decided to revert to its true self, Raincouver. It was cold, it was fairly miserable and I pulled out all my pairs and pairs of jeans again. But it being Spring/Summer, I didn’t want to pull on the usual dark blue/dark grey/black pairs, so I yanked on this deep fiery red orange pair, looked for some nice earthly tones to pair with it and ran for class…

But because I love all of you, I snapped a quick OOTD photo…(resulting in me missing my transit and being late hmph) #busyfashionholic

Here goes

ImageOutfit Details

Tan Faux Leather Jacket: Zara (USD $49.90)

Cream Sweater: American Eagle ($19.90)

Red-orange Jeans: Urban Behaviour ($19.90)


PS. Note the mint nail polish…I am SO ready for real summer 😦


Until next time, stay love and blessed and fashionable ❤



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