Highlight of the Week


Well, after the movie that was the Hollywood adaptation of Les Misérables, the world has more or less gone nuts over the musical. So to capitalize (I assume) on this renewed fame and interest, Les Misérables started a world-tour. This June, they’ll be in Vancouver for about 2 weeks, and being a musical buff (I’ve watched Phantom of the Opera, Cats, Miss Saigon, Westside Story etc.), I could NOT not go…

And therefore, that’s what I did on Saturday, 15th June, a month-aversary for the SO and I, and we decided to treat ourselves to a Matinée performance. #studentloans (sigh)


And I took the chance to dress up a little…so here we go (@ Queen Elizabeth Theatre, Vancouver)


Outfit Details

High-low Dress: Forever 21 (USD 24.99)

Shoes: Nose – Malaysian Shoe Brand (USD 20)

Purse: Chanel GST (USD 2300)

Accessories: Guess? Watch, Tiffany & Co. necklace, Swarovski Earrings

When I dress up, I go all out 😛 All my accessories were gifts from my parents and my SO, so the prices are largely unknown…

Anyway, the musical was amazing, incredible, absolutelymindbogglinglyfantabulous. #nowords. I was utterly in awe and humbled. And if the voices were amazing, the set was astounding. Brilliant backdrops to the stage.

Came out to brilliant sunshine and that just put the perfect finishing touch to the day. I believe summer is finally here to stay 😀

Till next time, stay loved, blessed and fed 🙂


ps. Yes, that’s me, finally showing my face…should I? Or should I stick to stickers? Opine away pleaase ❤


Some Accessories?

Well, I’ve promised an accessories haul for about 2 weeks (or more but who’s counting), and I’m finally delivering. As always, my very nifty self managed to score some pretty awesome deals on both sides of the border, so here we go 🙂


2013-05-17 15.06.23

Price List: Flower Collar Necklace – $2USD

                 Studded Necklace – $2USD

                 Studded Ring – $2USD

                 Turquoise Earrings – $3USD

All the items above, with the exception of the earrings, are from Suzy Shier. The earrings are from H&M.


My Tommy Hilfiger Aviator Shades from T.J Maxx for only….*drumroll if you please* $9.99 USD (and of course with applicale taxes). Honestly, despite T.J Maxx and Winners sharing a similar standard and format in terms of what they sell and price range etc. T.J Maxx is by far, BY FAAAAR, the better place to shop. Loved their shades section. #neverenoughsunnies

Finally, this isn’t really technically an accessory, but I’m quite pleased to add it to my collection.

ImageThis is Mary Kay’s Dance to Life limited edition perfume, cost price? $0 USD. Long story short, I joined a family friend and her kid at a school fair and she won an entire Mary Kay set at a silent auction. She doesn’t use perfume at all and the price she bid was so much lower than the listed price of the items that she decided “Oh, here you go…” and passed the bottle along to me. (Considering how I wore Chanel Chance everyday before I was gifted with this, she knows I’m a perfume <strike> freak </strike> fan.)

Anyway, this lovely pink bottled perfume has top notes of wet apple and rose (LOVE), so it goes on smelling super fresh and really like a summer breeze. This is followed by Jasmine (ALSO LOVE) and Magnolia and finishes with Vanilla and Warm Amber. The overall result has actually made this perfume my recent favorite. I absolutely adore it, and for $50USD, it really isn’t that pricey to purchase either. So, if you love a fresh, crisp summer scent for less than Chanel price, HIGHLY RECOMMEND 😀

Well, there you go. My most recent buys. There are a few more hauls coming up including an Asian nightmarket haul, some Old Navy stuff and *bounces* circle lenses. My first order ever. I’m so hyped for it, can’t wait to go pick the package up tomorrow.

Till the next time, shop lots, laugh lots and live blessed. ❤

Ps. Speaking of collection, I really should get around to documenting my bags and perfumes 😛 Oh, the things I need to do. (With pleasure of course <3)