Highlight of the Week


Well, after the movie that was the Hollywood adaptation of Les Misérables, the world has more or less gone nuts over the musical. So to capitalize (I assume) on this renewed fame and interest, Les Misérables started a world-tour. This June, they’ll be in Vancouver for about 2 weeks, and being a musical buff (I’ve watched Phantom of the Opera, Cats, Miss Saigon, Westside Story etc.), I could NOT not go…

And therefore, that’s what I did on Saturday, 15th June, a month-aversary for the SO and I, and we decided to treat ourselves to a Matinée performance. #studentloans (sigh)


And I took the chance to dress up a little…so here we go (@ Queen Elizabeth Theatre, Vancouver)


Outfit Details

High-low Dress: Forever 21 (USD 24.99)

Shoes: Nose – Malaysian Shoe Brand (USD 20)

Purse: Chanel GST (USD 2300)

Accessories: Guess? Watch, Tiffany & Co. necklace, Swarovski Earrings

When I dress up, I go all out 😛 All my accessories were gifts from my parents and my SO, so the prices are largely unknown…

Anyway, the musical was amazing, incredible, absolutelymindbogglinglyfantabulous. #nowords. I was utterly in awe and humbled. And if the voices were amazing, the set was astounding. Brilliant backdrops to the stage.

Came out to brilliant sunshine and that just put the perfect finishing touch to the day. I believe summer is finally here to stay 😀

Till next time, stay loved, blessed and fed 🙂


ps. Yes, that’s me, finally showing my face…should I? Or should I stick to stickers? Opine away pleaase ❤


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