Wholesale7 Test Haul

So after hearing so much about wholesale sites, I decided to jump into the mix and settled on wholesale7.net, largely because they had this one dress I scoured the streets of Singapore trying to locate and couldn’t because cheap little ole me refused to pay >$20 USD for it 😛 Anyway, the test run went quite well and I’m generally pleased with the whole result…so here’s a brief review… oh right…for all the comparison photos, I took them in a well-lit room…all under natural sunlight etc. 😛 (Or as well-lit as my city will let me, considering how it rains/snows about 80% of the year…) Do note also, that all ratings were adjusted for price. Can’t expect Hermes quality for nightmarket prices now can I? #bestthingsinlifeain’tfree

Up first, here’s the sales pic


And here’s what I received


Quality: 8/10 -> tad thin, needs ironing, few loose threads…otherwise pretty ok 🙂

Similarity to Online Photos: 7/10 -> the color is way off, I was expecting a peachy-pink blouse, this is more purplish-pink

Price: 10/10 -> UNBEATABLE



ImageWhat I received,


I really didn’t like this piece, yes the slits in the shoulder were there and it IS asymmetrical, but it has a horrible hi-low ratio to it, too short in the front, too long in the back…doesn’t help that I’m 5’7″ either >[

Quality: 6/10 -> badly cut, decent material though

Similarity to Online Photos: 6/10 -> same color, the item was in the ballpark region of the photos, but the hi-low cut was badly done (it’s more front to back cut then diagonally across the front…and so on)

Price: 10/10 -> I may hate this dress but the price is still pretty awesome for a dress


Finally, the reason why I chose wholesale7.net to begin with…


and what I got


Quality: 9/10 -> perfect, some loose threads and all but nothing 1 min of work won’t fix

Similarity to Online Photos: 9/10 -> almost identical, just the bodice could be a little more faded, and measurements might be off but otherwise perfect

Price: 10/10 -> I BOUGHT IT FOR 50% OFF SG PRICES #sohappysobouncy #can’tbelieveit #toomanyhashtags


-sorry, i’m just ecstatic about this piece-

Overall, I’m quite pleased with wholesale7 and already made another order :$ Shipping was pretty efficient, I made the order on the 19th of May and received it on the 28th, so a little over a week….and there was also bad weather factored in that delayed delivery by 2 days. I shipped the entire package to Singapore (instead of NA) for convenience since I was back for a while. Packaging was lightweight, each item had their own little clear plastic baggy, and the entire package was essentially a plastic envelope stuffed full of my order.

All in all, I think that while wholesale ordering is very much hit or miss, so far so lucky 🙂

Thanks for reading, stay blessed, fed and loved


Ps. sorry this took a while to write, life got in the way 😦


6 thoughts on “Wholesale7 Test Haul

  1. Great review! I bought from a wholesale site and it was alright, it just took waaay too long to get to me (over a month and a half) so I wouldn’t order from it again.
    However I love that last dress! So pretty 🙂


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