Fallin’ for Lace


The leaves are orange and red and yellow and it’s just gorgeous here in my little rainy city. And a tad late I guess but here’s my first Fall OOTD. Picked a burgundy/oxblood coloured lace dress because I love warm deep rich tones in the Fall and lace is just so romantic regardless of the season ❤

(Ignore the derp face and the not-so-happy hand placement, my point and clicker wasn’t cooperating and I was getting frustrated with it, I seriously have no patience (NONE) for the 30 photos I needed to take to get one shot. >.<)

ImageOutfit Details

Burgundy Lace Dress: $15 USD – Cotton On

Black Tights: $10 USD – Korea

Brown Heeled Oxfords: $39.90 USD- American Eagle

Earrings: $2 USD – Bugis Street

And as I’ve said, I joined SUC 2013, so in commemoration of the event, here’s my 2nd round photo….the fully edited version, still with no filters used just a vignette for the darker halo effect. The earrings are visible here.


Do stop by to vote. Clicky and ctrl+f hearthealer (Yes, that’s me….long story =P)

Thanks you guys…and stay warm, bundled and happy



Did something silly…

SO. I did something silly and on the spur-of-the-moment. I joined an online ulzzang competition. Why you ask? I have no clue =(

I guess, in the past, I would follow the competitions, look at the contestants and there was a part of me that always wanted to join in and just have a blast. But stage fright always took over and I never got around to submitting the photos, so this year (before I get WAY too old) I decided to go ahead and do it. And I did. TBH, I’m really not expecting to make it past the first round, but it’s an experience in itself, to be brave and overcome all my issues/complexs with my appearance – from extended family, from exs and so on. And just go for it.

Anyway, if you’re so inclined. There’s the link to vote below. Click it and ctrl+f hearthealer , yes that’s my name on Soompi, comes from a Nicholas Spark’s novel where The Heart Healer was the title of a newspaper column. A friend gave me that nickname and it sorta stuck. Also much much easier to remember since it’s also my gaming handle.


Thanks so much all 10 of you 😛 Your votes matter, whether in serious country wide elections or silly competitions like these, you matter.

XOXO, stay blessed ❤

National Handbag Day

So, apparently today, the 10th of October is National Handbag Day. I had no idea handbags had their own day. But as a handbag aficionado and proud card-carrying member of The Purse Forum (they don’t actually do the membership card thing, but if they did I’d carry it around with all my other cards: Starbucks Gold Card, my 3 CCs, my Ramen redemption cards, and my too-many-pieces-of-IDs) , I am EXCITED.

In lieu of today, I thought I should take the time to list some of the bags I’d love to own one day, and when I say own, I mean this list gives me things to save towards owning…I work for my stuff >[  *Cue “Independent Women – Destiny’s Child”*

Be prepared, they’re all designer stuff >.< (HEY! It’s a wishlist no? A girl can dream no?)

1) Céline Croc Stamped Phantom – Look of crocodile leather for less….A LOT LESS. Also, I love its sort of rock-and-roll/dark punkish appeal.


2) Céline Tri-colour Trapeze – Not sure which combination but I love the idea of a “pop” colour on a trapeze ❤ -> Neither of these are available brand new anymore, unless you’re really really lucky. But hopefully when I have my pennies saved up, similar combinations will be released 🙂



3) Chanel Jumbo Caviar (Black) – Widely considered one of the must-haves of any and every bag lover’s collection, this understated classic beauty is something I’ve dreamt about owning for a while now. TBH, I’d love to own this bag in a patent red too, and navy, and beige…but for now I’ll settle for it in black.



4) Prada Saffiano Lux Tote – In baby pink or blue, once again I cannot decide. When mum and I went window shopping earlier this year in our sunny little island, she couldn’t decide which one she loved more either. For people who know me, this is probably a really surprising choice but well, the pastels work wonders with most outfits and the way Prada treated their leather makes colour-transfer unlikely. Practical and beautiful…and probably the cheapest on this list. ❤



5) Hermès Kelly – Finally, this bag…it’s one of THE “It” bags among those who know…less famous than its bigger sister but just as beautiful. Oh, and the catch? I really want her in Pink. Shocking pink, Hermès Candyline Rose Tyrien pink (which is also the official name for this bag anyway Rose Tyrien Epsom). I like pop colours a lot, and wear way too much black. That’s my excuse for this particular bag lust anyway.



And if, by some blessed twist of luck, I can buy all these and still stay out of bankruptcy…here’s a 6th.

6) Hermès Birkin – Now, this is the last bag because while I love and admire the aesthetics of the ones before, I’m not sure if my lust for this one is because I am in love with the history and craftsmanship or if it is simply the “need-to-own” since this is THE Holy Grail of all handbags. Anyway, if I am blessed enough to one day be able to afford this, I’d love it in Togo Orange. Trademark H.



Anyway, that’s all to the list. Total cost? I don’t even wanna know. 😛 I should probaaaaaably do a Bag Collection post. But if I do, promise you won’t hate me and leave? 😦 Because really all the bag collection videos on youtube end up with spamloads of hateful comments….terrifying.

Anyway, Happy National Handbag Day, may your closets forever be full, may you always get your holy grails and enjoy all of them in good health and with love. ❤


Ps. Took photos from off google image searches, if they’re yours and you want them off the blog. Please leave me a note. All rights to the owners, I’m only borrowing the photos and admiring them.

Yikes! aka. 2nd wholesale7.net Purchases.

YIKES! I haven’t blogged in a long long while eh. There’s just something about the combination of travels in the summer and school picking up again that really got in the way.

Anyway my dears, here’s a quick little blurb about the shipment I got in just before I took off for vacation in August from wholesale7.net…As before, I was fairly pleased with how quickly things arrived, took just about 1.5 weeks. Very pleasantly surprised. Anyhow, without further ado…

Up first, a blue-themed midi dress. On me, this ends right in the middle of my calves…it was perfect for summer, with sandals and shades. 🙂


Quality:10/10 -> The bottom patterned part of the dress is definitely made of thinner, smoother material than the top half but even so, the dress quality is fantastic, no loose threads, no ironing required 🙂

Similarity to Online Photos: 10/10 -> Granted colors on a computer screen often differ from the item in real life, but this was spot-on. Perfect.

Price: 10/10 -> UNBEATABLE. Seriously, this dress is perfect. Can’t say that often enough. So ridiculously comfy too.


Ps. This dress is ready available all over the internet. If you have a favorite wholesale site, just hit it up.

And the 2nd (and last) item of this small haul, and the one item I was soooo excited about while ordering, I mean where else can a poor student shopaholic get a coat for under $10 USD?! (It’s now listed at $10.50…but even so..). And honestly, this coat lived up to expectations. I fell in love the moment  I put it on…yes, I know it doesn’t look like much but just wait till Vancity gets cold, I’ll use it so often in OOTDs…you’ll  all get sick of it. :X



And button details,


Quality: 8.5/10 -> It’s made of something that’s almost faux wool and so there are loose threads around, especially around the buttons. Also it seems like the coat may start to pill (get really fuzzy) with use. Obviously, I haven’t used it enough to observe any effect…will update.

Similarity to Online Photos: 8/10 -> Again, the colour, this dark deep shade of Royal Blue was close enough in spectrum to the online photos to excuse any difference as a computer issue. Unfortunately, I found the buttons were sewn too close to each other, it’s a quick fix no doubt, but will be time consuming for me (the ultimate non-seamstress).

Price: 10/10 -> UNBEATABLE. It’s a wool cape for under $10 USD, if you find anything cheaper, I’ll eat my hat (or the coat, whichever is fuzzier).


All in all, I’m incredibly pleased with both purchases, they fit great and they look really nice on too. Highly recommended.

Right now, wholesale7.net is having a special little promotion where everything listed is guaranteed in stock and at reduced prices with expedited handling (so no waiting 3-5 days for everything to be ready to be shipped). Perfect. Time to get my credit card out again. XoXo

Till next time, I remain yours faithfully.

A very satisfied shopaholic.

LINK -> http://www.wholesale7.net/stock-sale_c144