Dolly Eye (aka EOS) Natural 3 Tone Lens (Grey)

So, it’s been a while eh? Been a tad busy, visited Japan for a little over 2 weeks…sorting through the photos right now, shoooould be up soon. I might create a separate page for my travels now, hopefully there’ll be more to come 🙂 #lovetravels #hatetraveling #tincansintheair

Anyway, here’s a quick blurb that’s been a long time coming, too long perhaps. General notes on this pair of lens? I quite love them, they’re really subtle and just a brilliant, almost natural color. People tend to think they’re my own eyes…which is obviously a total plus. Here’s a reminder of how Uniqso packed my lens and of course, a photo of the actual pair in their container under sunlight.



Just like the green pair, these have a beautiful starburst pattern of brown on the inner part, so it blends really well with my dark brown eyes.

Official Rating?

Design: 5/5

I really am in love with them, they’re a soft subtle grey. Very easy to wear and goes with everything. Probably my go-to pair of lens.

Enlargement: 3/5

Not really enlarging. But I was looking for a more natural look anyway, so perfect for those who don’t want too much enlargement. Just like the other pair, they look perfectly natural and quite gorgeous without makeup. They look just great with makeup too 😛

Comfort: 5/5

They don’t feel that different from my normal Bausch and Lomb or Acuvue (I find these much more comfortable than B&L) lens, a tad drier but that’s to be expected. Like all circle lens, takes a while after placing in the eye for the eye to get used to it. For some reason, this pair fits much better than the green one. Weird eh? Maybe I’m just crazy.

And here’s the photos of them in my eyes, indoors, sunlight and with flash…just a tad of makeup 🙂


And lastly, here’s a photo of me wearing ’em.