Snow in March

Being the bad bad bad blogger I am, these photos are from ~2 weeks ago…sigh, AND I still have my trip and shopping haul from Japan to get to…from December. I’m terrible. I’m sorry. 😛

ANYWAY, cellphone photos because I was rushing off to class and didn’t have time to set up the tripod and camera…deal with it.


Outfit Details

White Trench Coat: $70 USD – Old Navy

Brown Scarf: $3 USD – H&M

Black Tights: $10 USD – Korea

Boots: $160 USD – Uggs

And what I was wearing under that big, thick white coat.


Outfit Details:

Wine Coloured Sweater-Dress: $15 USD – H&M

And because I really love frolicking in snow…(and getting snow in my boots, hair, down my sweater etc. T.T) I ran out in the middle of class to play in the snow and spotted some mysterious winter creatures…

Image Image

Sorry I looked so dishevelled…snow in the hair does something awful to it. Anyway, glad the whole multiple-feets-of-snow-overnight period is over with and I’m really looking forward to summer, and sandals and iced-drinks and maxi dresses and skirts 🙂 EXCITED.

Hopefully, my blogging gets more consistent. Thanks for reading. Stay warm, blessed and loved.

Eun ❤


Last Glimpse of Autumn

For my last Autumn OOTD mini pictorial. I decided to go red, and as always with me, COMFY. And this time, it was cold enough to put on a  proper coat as well.



Outfit Details

Beige Trenchcoat: $39 USD – Old Navy

Brown Wool Scarf: $5 USD – H&M

Red Cable Knit Sweater: $8.99 USD – Old Navy

Black Bandage Skirt: $5 USD – Urban Behaviour

Black Tights: $10 USD – Korea

Brown Heeled Oxfords: $39.90 USD- American Eagle



Studded Ring: $2 USD – Suzy Shier

Purse: Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM Damier Ebene

And, a little extra. As always. Happy Fall…..I miss you already.


Stay blessed and loved. Till next time. Xoxo

Fall Photoshoot

Okay, tbh…this was supposed to be another OOTD shot over the weekend, but my camera(wo)man, my mum and I both got way too distracted by the pretty autumn leaves and well, it turned into more of a general fall photo session than a proper OOTD…but I thought I’d share anyway 😛

Do forgive the awkward smiles and the squinted eyes…it was close to sunset and the sun was both low on the horizon and shining right at us… ❤






Outfit Details

White Military Styled Blazer: $8 USD – Thailand Market

Blue Mesh-Topped Dress: $12 USD – Singapore, Orchard Road

Black Tights: $10 USD – Korea

Brown Heeled Oxfords: $39.90 USD- American Eagle

And seen below (lens are Dolly Eye Natural 3 tone Green from Uniqso)

Earrings: $1 USD – Thailand Market

Necklace: ? – Gift from Aunt


Sorry about the useless face photo, I really liked how I looked that day… :X #shamelesslyvain

Sigh, I love Fall, have I said that yet? Haha. I can totally wait for Winter though, I hate the rain…hate.


Oh well, enjoy the rest of the season ❤

And stay loved, warm and blessed xoxo

PS. A little extra, I took this shot and loved it. So it’s on instagram and I’ll just paste it here too…why not? It’s MY blog after all >.>Image

Bugis Street Haul Version 2.0

Well, back in December, over the Christmas hols, I ended up heading to Singapore again. Like I said, second to shopping and shopping alone, I love running off to sunny little islands once winter sets in.

And of course, I went back to Bugis 😀 #superaddicted

It was better this time around, considering I remembered my way around Bugis Street having mapped it out the last time, somewhat. At least this time around it wasn’t as frustrating and I didn’t get lost AND I was about to backtrack and locate stores. #unlockedachievement

Alright, onto the photo spree


And price sheet: #can’tbelieveit

Hairbands – 3 for $8

Earring + 2 chain headbands – $4 USD, Socklet – 3 for $4 USD

Envelope Clutches – 1 for $8, 2 for $12 USD (remember how I said that buying multiples made everything cheaper? :D)

Floral Shorts – $4USD

Grey half-cardigan – $4 USD

Yellow dress with crochet collar – $4 USD

White dress (w/ detatchable jewelled necklace) – $8 USD

Peach/baby pink peplum dress – $10 USD

All in all, very decent day(s) worth of happy shopping, I believe that in total…I spent less than $60 USD #isuckatmath, exchange rates not-withstanding (cause I rounded up quite often). Will come up with a list of stores if people need them. Or else I’ll start taking photos of the shops I frequent when I next visit. This is rapidly becoming my favorite place to shop at and wander through for fashion inspiration. #Loveit ❤

Until my next spree, stay loved, be blessed and nom lots 😀

(Great, just thinking of food has made me hungry T.T)