(More) Summer Hauling Pleasure

Summer has definitely hit the West Coast, it looked a bit iffy for a while, when grey clouds and rain rolled in. BUT, good news, the sun is out, the wind is whispering through the streets, the clouds have parted and it is PERFECT out here 😀 Summer and the sun are easily two of the biggest excuses I use to shop, hot weather makes me happy and happy me goes shopping. Sad me also goes shopping….so does hungry me, grumpy me, angry me etc. (but that’s another matter altogether) #shopaholic 🙂

Let’s start with Old Navy


Both shirts are the billowy sort, nice and loose and casual (Does not reflect me as a person >[ )

Price List: Mint Blouse – $13.99 USD

Pink-Orange/ White blouse – $12.99

But…it gets better, I had a little coupon which got me $10 off every $25 spent…so both blouses came to a total of $13ish. *happy skips* Gonna pair them with white shorts and wear them all summer 😀

Up next, H&M


From left to right:

Pink-beige Floral Dress – $10 USD (it’s a kid size 11-12 yr old….i’m tiny >.< )

Black and Army Green Lace Tops – $5 USD each

Navy Blue Lace Skirt – $10 USD

And last, but not least from Urban Planet

ImageFloral Dress – $19.99 USD

Yes, it was a splurge by my standards but it’s gorgeous on, pretty high-low hemline, tube-topped and with a nice dark green rose belt…..I can toss it on top of a bikini suit, sling on some sandals and a straw hat and waddle off to the beach, OR…pair with flats for going to class…LOVEITLOVEITLOVEIT ❤


Details…also playing with my filters 😀

Hope this post finds you happy, loved and frolicking in great weather. ❤

ps. Found this at Winner’s and ABSOLUTELY had to get it 😀


Describes me to a T #starbucksandshopping ❤


Mini Haul

So, Hollister and A&F had their seasonal clearance sales, and me being me, the word “Sale” immediately made it inevitable that I would stop by the websites and the stores.

Unfortunately, my little town lacks a brick and mortar A&F store, BUT I did manage a visit to Hollister and ended up with a couple of cute little tube tops. Mike Jeffries, the umbrella/parent company of Abercrombie, Hollister, Gilly Hicks etc, makes the cutest tube tops ever…and I’ve been lusting after a few of them, but the full retail price of about $45 CDN/USD has put me off for years…

Anyway, during the sales, the off-season items hit the shelves at 50% off, and the sale further reduces the price by 50-70%… #dealofthecentury

Price List: Floral Tube: $7.50, Blue Crochet Tube: $5.50, Plain Tee: $5

With tax, the total came up to ~$21 (I’m quite proud of getting 3 pieces for the price of half of one :P)

And the photos…(click to enlarge 🙂 )




I plan on wearing the tubes with a pair of plain white shorts, and toss on a cardigan with flipflops, sneakers or pretty sandals 🙂

Till next time, stay happy, healthy and loved. xoxo

(ps. I’m in Singapore again over the Chinese New Year which happens to coincide with my break this year….we all know what that means…BUGIS!~)