Fall Photoshoot

Okay, tbh…this was supposed to be another OOTD shot over the weekend, but my camera(wo)man, my mum and I both got way too distracted by the pretty autumn leaves and well, it turned into more of a general fall photo session than a proper OOTD…but I thought I’d share anyway 😛

Do forgive the awkward smiles and the squinted eyes…it was close to sunset and the sun was both low on the horizon and shining right at us… ❤






Outfit Details

White Military Styled Blazer: $8 USD – Thailand Market

Blue Mesh-Topped Dress: $12 USD – Singapore, Orchard Road

Black Tights: $10 USD – Korea

Brown Heeled Oxfords: $39.90 USD- American Eagle

And seen below (lens are Dolly Eye Natural 3 tone Green from Uniqso)

Earrings: $1 USD – Thailand Market

Necklace: ? – Gift from Aunt


Sorry about the useless face photo, I really liked how I looked that day… :X #shamelesslyvain

Sigh, I love Fall, have I said that yet? Haha. I can totally wait for Winter though, I hate the rain…hate.


Oh well, enjoy the rest of the season ❤

And stay loved, warm and blessed xoxo

PS. A little extra, I took this shot and loved it. So it’s on instagram and I’ll just paste it here too…why not? It’s MY blog after all >.>Image


Tickled Pink


Unfortunately, in Raincouver, sometimes we get flash rain periods in the summer, temperatures drop a little and I bundle up again. #HATETHECOLD 😦

But it’s still summer, so I settled on my Barbie jeans….they’re pink, they’re too skinny (jeans) and they’re surprisingly comfy…..and I quite adore them ❤


Outfit Details

Love Love Love tee: Forever 21  (USD 14.50)

Blazer: Urban Behavior (USD 19.90)

Pink Jeans: Urban Planet (USD 19.90)

Accessories – Earrings (USD 1), Ring (USD 2.99), Watch (Mum’s… :P)

Bag – Sukey Brown Trim: Gucci (USD 950)

Well there you go, this ensemble is rapidly becoming one of my favourites for Spring/Summer, it’s just so easy to toss together – a shirt, a blazer, some sort of brightly coloured/patterned jeans….#Loveit

Thanks for stopping by

Hope this finds all 10 of you happy and healthy and blessed….XOXO