Japan – Niseko (Day 1-4)

Right, so…as a warning, ALL my travel posts will be pretty photo heavy, my apologies but really, IT’S ABOUT TRAVELING. What did you expect? 😛

ANNNND off we go.

Everyone said, when you go to Japan, you have to dress well, be fashionable, look cute.

I spent my first 4 days in Niseko-Mt. Hirafu, Hokkaido, dressed like this. #nofrostbite #thankyounorthface


And underneath all that layered goodness…like this…#ootd 😀


Largely because I spent the first 4 days doing my version of snowboarding…aka. falling/buttboarding. Good thing though is that after the first 2 days, I was making my way down Red slopes and doing little tricks while I was at it. Of course, I’m still much more comfortable on the bunny slope. 😛 Having a totally loveable Aussie instructor helps.

Oh. (If you don’t know snowboarding or hate wordy posts…skip to the pretty photos down below)

Here’s a story, my brother (by far the better, more confidant snowboarder) decides that it’ll be fun for us siblings to wander off for night riding…without instructors, just us. I’m game. So off we go, into the yonder. It was pretty fun, warmed up on the bunny hill then headed up the mountain on this chairlift, rocking in the wind…it was FREEZING. And the stupid thing went on for forever. Anyway, we make it to the top…brother goes “Right Jie (big sister in Mandarin), this way.” I’m like sure, now I’m at the top looking down…this slope had moguls…MASSIVE lumps of piled up snow, skiiers love ’em, some snowboarders too, but neither my brother nor I had the skill for it…

So, I’m standing there being all petrified and he starts yelling from about 1/5th down “NONONO, JIE NOT THIS WAY.” He unclips his board and hoofs it back up. Tells me to wait right there, with his unstrapped, unsecured board stuck edge first into the snow and runs to the map to check it out. Did I mention, it was night time, strong winds and we were on top of a mountain? Right, strong gust blew and his board flipped back on its side and started to glide down the slope with moguls….I freaked out, had to lunge for it and basically also nearly ended up following the board downhill. Never mind, got it under control.

He finds our actual path down, and we waddle off…it’s going good. Green slopes, little bit of red bits. #Doingmynoobthing

Then, we hit the crest of another slope that looks like another mean f@#$er. I stop. He notices and gestures vaguely to the side of the slope…”It’s easier by the sides Jie.” And he jets off down it. GREAT. I shuffle over to the sides, look down and nope, same freaking hill, same slope, same sheer-looking drop off. I must say, at this point…I’d already done about 9 hours total of ridding that day. I was tired, it was frigid, the wind was just GUSTING down hill and I had no feasible way down. So i basically sat down and bawled.

Yup. No idea how to get down, no idea how high back up it was to hike…no one around who wasn’t just swishing their expert butts downhill…

ANYWAY. Proud to say that after about 20 mins of just hating at my brother and cursing the wind. I got my little butt up, and off the sheer drop off point. It actually wasn’t that bad…I mean sure, I wasn’t exactly going down it gracefully BUT I WAS GOING. He was waiting for me at the bottom, unstrapped and ready to hike up. He thought I’d basically fallen off into the side and the trees. He was worried, I was pissed. We both made it back down the mountain and the rest of the night was uneventful (largely because I stayed at the bunny slopes :P).

Turns out. That was my first double black. HAH.


The terrible map reader and I.

That’s all the interesting tales I have from these 4 days…PHOTO TIME. Oh yes, it was basically a blizzard for the first day. You’ll see.


First Glimpse of Tokyo.


Our Accommodations – 2bdrms, 1 bath   http://holidayniseko.com/asuka


Niseko – Hanazono Pickup point


Trails in the blizzard – Day 1


Heading back up the Mountain – Day 2


Coming down the mountain – Day 2
Isn’t it beautiful?


Niseko – Grand Hirafu, Mt. Annupuri – Day 3


Mt. Yotei, Hokkaido aka. Hokkaido’s Mt. Fuji

None of the photos were photoshopped, with the exception of Mr Robothead, my brother. Photos here and for the rest of the trip are a mix of iphone shots and D90 photos. I’ll do another post for all the food adventures in Niseko. #supergreedy #foreverhungry