Ameeerica, Ameeerica

One of my favorite, possibly the 2nd most favorite (the first being food :X), 4 letter words is “SALE” and the USA, land of Bald Eagles, too many fast food chains and airports that I hate is also home to some of the best deals in the world (2nd perhaps only to China #wholesaleparadise) .

So on a weekend trip down to the state of Washington, I picked up a few too many Hollister shirts…Originally I had my eyes on a few A&F pieces, but after leaving them at the counter and wandering over next door to their sister chain, I left them behind, no regrets.

Here’s the Haul from Hollister (and Winners)…


ImageAnd a closeup of the Galaxy Skirt



Total Cost:

Hollister Shirts (Both male and female): $10 USD each

Galaxy Skirt: $15 USD


Up next: some accessories I’ve accumulated over the last mth or so…

Until then, stay happy, blessed and shop lots 




In Full Bloom


Hopefully I’m getting better at this, wore this out today to branch with a friend and will be wearing later to Cognitive Psych class, temperature’s hitting 25 degrees and I cannot say how happy I am that Summer is fiinnnaaaaaaaally here… #sunshine #notacloudinthesky

*happy bounce*

Anyway here goes


Outfit Details

Cardigan: Zara (USD $15)

Floral Tube: Hollister ( USD $10- marked down to $15 for clearance with extra 30% off 😀 )

White Shorts: Old Navy (USD $5)

Mini Haul

So, Hollister and A&F had their seasonal clearance sales, and me being me, the word “Sale” immediately made it inevitable that I would stop by the websites and the stores.

Unfortunately, my little town lacks a brick and mortar A&F store, BUT I did manage a visit to Hollister and ended up with a couple of cute little tube tops. Mike Jeffries, the umbrella/parent company of Abercrombie, Hollister, Gilly Hicks etc, makes the cutest tube tops ever…and I’ve been lusting after a few of them, but the full retail price of about $45 CDN/USD has put me off for years…

Anyway, during the sales, the off-season items hit the shelves at 50% off, and the sale further reduces the price by 50-70%… #dealofthecentury

Price List: Floral Tube: $7.50, Blue Crochet Tube: $5.50, Plain Tee: $5

With tax, the total came up to ~$21 (I’m quite proud of getting 3 pieces for the price of half of one :P)

And the photos…(click to enlarge 🙂 )




I plan on wearing the tubes with a pair of plain white shorts, and toss on a cardigan with flipflops, sneakers or pretty sandals 🙂

Till next time, stay happy, healthy and loved. xoxo

(ps. I’m in Singapore again over the Chinese New Year which happens to coincide with my break this year….we all know what that means…BUGIS!~)