Snow in March

Being the bad bad bad blogger I am, these photos are from ~2 weeks ago…sigh, AND I still have my trip and shopping haul from Japan to get to…from December. I’m terrible. I’m sorry. πŸ˜›

ANYWAY, cellphone photos because I was rushing off to class and didn’t have time to set up the tripod and camera…deal with it.


Outfit Details

White Trench Coat: $70 USD – Old Navy

Brown Scarf: $3 USD – H&M

Black Tights: $10 USD – Korea

Boots: $160 USD – Uggs

And what I was wearing under that big, thick white coat.


Outfit Details:

Wine Coloured Sweater-Dress: $15 USD – H&M

And because I really love frolicking in snow…(and getting snow in my boots, hair, down my sweater etc. T.T) I ran out in the middle of class to play in the snow and spotted some mysterious winter creatures…

ImageΒ Image

Sorry I looked so dishevelled…snow in the hair does something awful to it. Anyway, glad the whole multiple-feets-of-snow-overnight period is over with and I’m really looking forward to summer, and sandals and iced-drinks and maxi dresses and skirts πŸ™‚ EXCITED.

Hopefully, my blogging gets more consistent. Thanks for reading. Stay warm, blessed and loved.

Eun ❀


Last Glimpse of Autumn

For my last Autumn OOTD mini pictorial. I decided to go red, and as always with me, COMFY. And this time, it was cold enough to put on a Β proper coat as well.



Outfit Details

Beige Trenchcoat: $39 USD – Old Navy

Brown Wool Scarf: $5 USD – H&M

Red Cable Knit Sweater: $8.99 USD – Old Navy

Black Bandage Skirt: $5 USD – Urban Behaviour

Black Tights: $10 USD – Korea

Brown Heeled Oxfords: $39.90 USD- American Eagle



Studded Ring: $2 USD – Suzy Shier

Purse: Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM Damier Ebene

And, a little extra. As always. Happy Fall…..I miss you already.


Stay blessed and loved. Till next time. Xoxo

Little Cold Months Haul

Where did my summer go? And while I’m asking that, where did fall go? Vancouver has been cold, rainy, foggy and just not a very hospitable place for the poor terrified-of-cold people like me…OH WELL. Time to bundle up and overspend on heating bills.

To help battle the chills, I went shopping for warm, fall/wintery stuff…and here we go.

From Old Navy


Cable knit Sweaters – $12.99 USD each (Down from $34.99 for in-store promotions)


PJ/Lounge Pants – $2.99 USD each (Down from $14.99 for in-store promotion)

I LOVE OWLS…so that one’s mine and the other’s for mum =)


Tank tops – 2 for $10 USD

Buy of the Haul: Sweater Maxi Dress – $9.99 (Was a returned online-only item, so marked down from $39.99, plus 50% off, no flaws :D)

Okay, let me Β pause right here and say I love maxi dresses, love ’em. Comfy and no worries about going up and down escalators. PERFECT. So this dress is my new jet-setting outfit πŸ˜€ YAY~

I have more stuff from Old Navy and more from other stores from Black Friday Sales…BUT those will have to wait….I’m off on a winter vacation….Will talk more about it in the next few posts πŸ™‚

(More) Summer Hauling Pleasure

Summer has definitely hit the West Coast, it looked a bit iffy for a while, when grey clouds and rain rolled in. BUT, good news, the sun is out, the wind is whispering through the streets, the clouds have parted and it is PERFECT out here πŸ˜€ Summer and the sun are easily two of the biggest excuses I use to shop, hot weather makes me happy and happy me goes shopping. Sad me also goes shopping….so does hungry me, grumpy me, angry me etc. (but that’s another matter altogether) #shopaholic πŸ™‚

Let’s start with Old Navy


Both shirts are the billowy sort, nice and loose and casual (Does not reflect me as a person >[ )

Price List: Mint Blouse – $13.99 USD

Pink-Orange/ White blouse – $12.99

But…it gets better, I had a little coupon which got me $10 off every $25 spent…so both blouses came to a total of $13ish. *happy skips* Gonna pair them with white shorts and wear them all summer πŸ˜€

Up next, H&M


From left to right:

Pink-beige Floral Dress – $10 USD (it’s a kid size 11-12 yr old….i’m tiny >.< )

Black and Army Green Lace Tops – $5 USD each

Navy Blue Lace Skirt – $10 USD

And last, but not least from Urban Planet

ImageFloral Dress – $19.99 USD

Yes, it was a splurge by my standards but it’s gorgeous on, pretty high-low hemline, tube-topped and with a nice dark green rose belt…..I can toss it on top of a bikini suit, sling on some sandals and a straw hat and waddle off to the beach, OR…pair with flats for going to class…LOVEITLOVEITLOVEIT ❀


Details…also playing with my filters πŸ˜€

Hope this post finds you happy, loved and frolicking in great weather. ❀

ps. Found this at Winner’s and ABSOLUTELY had to get it πŸ˜€


Describes me to a T #starbucksandshopping ❀

In Full Bloom


Hopefully I’m getting better at this, wore this out today to branch with a friend and will be wearing later to Cognitive Psych class, temperature’s hitting 25 degrees and I cannot say how happy I am that Summer is fiinnnaaaaaaaally here… #sunshine #notacloudinthesky

*happy bounce*

Anyway here goes


Outfit Details

Cardigan: Zara (USD $15)

Floral Tube: Hollister ( USD $10- marked down to $15 for clearance with extra 30% off πŸ˜€ )

White Shorts: Old Navy (USD $5)