Dine Out 2014 – Market by Jean-Georges

Dine Out started 11 years ago (this year being the 12th), for this year, we decided to try Market by Jean-Georges Vongerichten, located in the gorgeous, fancy Shangri-La hotel in downtown Vancouver. Market was the first foray by Vongerichten into the Vancouver market and he is THE only Michelin starred (he has 3) chief who cooks/has a restaurant in the city so THIS was a must-try for us when we saw the restaurant on the list, 3 courses for $38? DONE.

When we got there, the restaurant had set up a role of tables against the windows that looked out into Thurlow for Dine Out guests. Complimentary bread arrived, thick, dense and very chewable, no photos because SO and I were still busy chatting.

Since I was on the verge of a cold and he wasn’t feeling like alcohol, we just ordered water then got down to the very serious task of food selection.

We both chose to start with the Seared Gulf Shrimp with Butternut Squash, Ginger and Basil appetizer. It was PERFECT. Might even be my favourite portion of the entire meal. The shrimp were amazing, just perfect…tender and juicy and the meat had that springy taste to it, not over or under-cooked.

ImageWe followed this with Steelhead on creamy truffle mashed potatoes for me and Soy and Sweet Wine Lacquered Pork Cheek for him. Honestly, I preferred his main course over mine, the fish was normal though the potatoes were creamy and fluffy at the same time – redeeming the entire dish. His pork cheek was done superbly, very tender and richly flavoured. Looking at the photos, I’m reminded of how tiny the portion of fish was. TINY.



He ordered a side of Wild Mushrooms, they were a little sour for my tastes, he loved them.


We topped all these with dessert, Warm Chocolate Cake for me, Panna Cota for him. He described the Panna Cota as “good” and since he wouldn’t share, it think he actually thoroughly enjoyed it. He also happily proclaimed “It JIGGLES” (so it was properly gelatinous), the moment the plate arrived, reason #2345787 why I love him. ❤

Now according to some bloggers, Jean-Georges is rumoured to have been the one who invented THE Chocolate Lava Cake as a dessert, then again others say he merely brought it over to North American and made it popular. Whatever the case, the chocolate cake oozed with liquid chocolate the moment I cut into it, paired with Vanilla ice-cream I loved it. Had to hand it off to my SO after 2/3s of it though, too full.


All in all, I really enjoyed our dinner, service was pleasant and efficient, the atmosphere was cozy and warm and the food was just as good as hyped. Will go back for sure.


And I leave you all with me, midway through dinner and super happy. Xoxo Stay warm, full and happy.

Eun ❤