Little Cold Months Haul

Where did my summer go? And while I’m asking that, where did fall go? Vancouver has been cold, rainy, foggy and just not a very hospitable place for the poor terrified-of-cold people like me…OH WELL. Time to bundle up and overspend on heating bills.

To help battle the chills, I went shopping for warm, fall/wintery stuff…and here we go.

From Old Navy


Cable knit Sweaters – $12.99 USD each (Down from $34.99 for in-store promotions)


PJ/Lounge Pants – $2.99 USD each (Down from $14.99 for in-store promotion)

I LOVE OWLS…so that one’s mine and the other’s for mum =)


Tank tops – 2 for $10 USD

Buy of the Haul: Sweater Maxi Dress – $9.99 (Was a returned online-only item, so marked down from $39.99, plus 50% off, no flaws :D)

Okay, let me  pause right here and say I love maxi dresses, love ’em. Comfy and no worries about going up and down escalators. PERFECT. So this dress is my new jet-setting outfit 😀 YAY~

I have more stuff from Old Navy and more from other stores from Black Friday Sales…BUT those will have to wait….I’m off on a winter vacation….Will talk more about it in the next few posts 🙂