Yikes! aka. 2nd wholesale7.net Purchases.

YIKES! I haven’t blogged in a long long while eh. There’s just something about the combination of travels in the summer and school picking up again that really got in the way.

Anyway my dears, here’s a quick little blurb about the shipment I got in just before I took off for vacation in August from wholesale7.net…As before, I was fairly pleased with how quickly things arrived, took just about 1.5 weeks. Very pleasantly surprised. Anyhow, without further ado…

Up first, a blue-themed midi dress. On me, this ends right in the middle of my calves…it was perfect for summer, with sandals and shades. πŸ™‚


Quality:10/10 -> The bottom patterned part of the dress is definitely made of thinner, smoother material than the top half but even so, the dress quality is fantastic, no loose threads, no ironing required πŸ™‚

Similarity to Online Photos: 10/10 -> Granted colors on a computer screen often differ from the item in real life, but this was spot-on. Perfect.

Price: 10/10 -> UNBEATABLE. Seriously, this dress is perfect. Can’t say that often enough. So ridiculously comfy too.


Ps. This dress is ready available all over the internet. If you have a favorite wholesale site, just hit it up.

And the 2nd (and last) item of this small haul, and the one item I was soooo excited about while ordering, I mean where else can a poor student shopaholic get a coat for under $10 USD?! (It’s now listed at $10.50…but even so..). And honestly, this coat lived up to expectations. I fell in love the moment Β I put it on…yes, I know it doesn’t look like much but just wait till Vancity gets cold, I’ll use it so often in OOTDs…you’ll Β all get sick of it. :X

Β Image

Β Image

And button details,


Quality: 8.5/10 -> It’s made of something that’s almost faux wool and so there are loose threads around, especially around the buttons. Also it seems like the coat may start to pill (get really fuzzy) with use. Obviously, I haven’t used it enough to observe any effect…will update.

Similarity to Online Photos: 8/10 -> Again, the colour, this dark deep shade of Royal Blue was close enough in spectrum to the online photos to excuse any difference as a computer issue. Unfortunately, I found the buttons were sewn too close to each other, it’s a quick fix no doubt, but will be time consuming for me (the ultimate non-seamstress).

Price: 10/10 -> UNBEATABLE. It’s a wool cape for under $10 USD, if you find anything cheaper, I’ll eat my hat (or the coat, whichever is fuzzier).


All in all, I’m incredibly pleased with both purchases, they fit great and they look really nice on too. Highly recommended.

Right now, wholesale7.net is having a special little promotion where everything listed is guaranteed in stock and at reduced prices with expedited handling (so no waiting 3-5 days for everything to be ready to be shipped). Perfect. Time to get my credit card out again. XoXo

Till next time, I remain yours faithfully.

A very satisfied shopaholic.

LINK -> http://www.wholesale7.net/stock-sale_c144


Wholesale7 Test Haul

So after hearing so much about wholesale sites, I decided to jump into the mix and settled on wholesale7.net, largely because they had this one dress I scoured the streets of Singapore trying to locate and couldn’t because cheap little ole me refused to pay >$20 USD for it πŸ˜› Anyway, the test run went quite well and I’m generally pleased with the whole result…so here’s a brief review…Β oh right…for all the comparison photos, I took them in a well-lit room…all under natural sunlight etc. πŸ˜› (Or as well-lit as my city will let me, considering how it rains/snows about 80% of the year…) Do note also, that all ratings were adjusted for price. Can’t expect Hermes quality for nightmarket prices now can I? #bestthingsinlifeain’tfree

Up first, here’s the sales pic


And here’s what I received


Quality: 8/10 -> tad thin, needs ironing, few loose threads…otherwise pretty ok πŸ™‚

Similarity to Online Photos: 7/10 -> the color is way off, I was expecting a peachy-pink blouse, this is more purplish-pink

Price: 10/10 -> UNBEATABLE



ImageWhat I received,


I really didn’t like this piece, yes the slits in the shoulder were there and it IS asymmetrical, but it has a horrible hi-low ratio to it, too short in the front, too long in the back…doesn’t help that I’m 5’7″ either >[

Quality: 6/10 -> badly cut, decent material though

Similarity to Online Photos: 6/10 -> same color, the item was in the ballpark region of the photos, but the hi-low cut was badly done (it’s more front to back cut then diagonally across the front…and so on)

Price: 10/10 -> I may hate this dress but the price is still pretty awesome for a dress


Finally, the reason why I chose wholesale7.net to begin with…


and what I got


Quality: 9/10 -> perfect, some loose threads and all but nothing 1 min of work won’t fix

Similarity to Online Photos: 9/10 -> almost identical, just the bodice could be a little more faded, and measurements might be off but otherwise perfect

Price: 10/10 -> I BOUGHT IT FOR 50% OFF SG PRICES #sohappysobouncy #can’tbelieveit #toomanyhashtags


-sorry, i’m just ecstatic about this piece-

Overall, I’m quite pleased with wholesale7 and already made another order :$ Shipping was pretty efficient, I made the order on the 19th of May and received it on the 28th, so a little over a week….and there was also bad weather factored in that delayed delivery by 2 days. I shipped the entire package to Singapore (instead of NA) for convenience since I was back for a while. Packaging was lightweight, each item had their own little clear plastic baggy, and the entire package was essentially a plastic envelope stuffed full of my order.

All in all, I think that while wholesale ordering is very much hit or miss, so far so lucky πŸ™‚

Thanks for reading, stay blessed, fed and loved


Ps. sorry this took a while to write, life got in the way 😦

Asia Shopping Trip Haul

Went through a couple of countries in Asia over 1.5 weeks of break between semesters and as always, where I go, I shop. And I picked up a couple of real goodies for well….asian wholesale prices. #omgthedeals

Anyway, this shall be a quick little blurb, more for me to track what I bought than for you, my dear readers (yes, all 10 of you…I LOVE YOU ALL…hehe)…so here we go.

First up, from the nightmarket outside MBK in Bangkok, Thailand, I cannot recommend visiting this nightmarket enough, lots of really nice clothing, great quality and very cute accessories, very Forever 21 style of jewellery…


Price List (From Top):

Grey Zara Cardigan – $10 USD (Yes, it’s a genuine Zara cardigan, I bought one grey and one black cardi and compared them with my store bought Zara cardigans, IDENTICAL, the lady said it was factory oversupply that they were selling….#SCOOOOORE)

The two dresses – $6 USD each

White Blazer – $9 USD (has really pretty lace cuffs peeking out from the sleeves…favorite buy <3)

Β I’m still missing some accessories in this photo >.<

Next up, from markets in Siem Reap, Cambodia…


Excuse the toesies πŸ˜›

Price list:

Blue Dress – $3 USD

Red Patterned Dress – $4 USD

Crochet-top Maxi Dress – $8 USD (Bought from stores set up right at the ruins of Angkor Wat…)

All in all, a really fulfilling trip, and not just because of the shopping…I definitely recommend visiting Angkor Wat and Ta Prohm Temple (aka. Tree Temple)…I picked up more stuff from Shanghai, but since I can’t for the life of me locate a photo, I’ll just lump that purchase together with my Wholesale site order….when I do get around to snapping photos of those….

In the meantime, thought I’d share some photos of Siem Reap πŸ™‚


Sunset over Phnom Bakheng ruins


At Angkor Wat, from the top of the stairs into the Inner Temple


The Inner Temple (Shows how steep the climb up is)


A Young Boy (probably aged 8-10), Piloting a Motorized Boat @ a UNESCO World Heritage Site: Tonle Sap – an entire village built on the water…


Cambodian Traditional Dance

Until next time…

Scratch that travel itch, explore the world, it’s a beautiful place… ❀

And to all my American readers….HAPPY 4TH OF JULY ❀